Burqas and Niqabs: Cultural Xenophobia

image of a Niqab and Burka

The banning of the burqa and niqab is a worrying expression of intolerance, particularly of Islam, and is based on a crude interpretation of national culture and values, denying the rich cultural mixture we find in all European countries.

Wayne Rooney Names Son For Star Trek Deep Space Nine Character

Wayne Rooney

Whilst all supporters of Manchester United, the greatest football team on the planet, and England are celebrating and congratulating Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen Rooney on the birth of their first child, wild speculation rages as to the origin of the name of their son, Kai Wayne Rooney. Media speculation has it that the name […]

The Good, The Bad and The X Factor

Miss Frank will be missed after being voted off The X Factor

The X Factor is many things: a compelling spectacle; Simon Cowell’s brilliant idea of getting the entire United Kingdom to do his A&R for him; a chance for ordinary people to get an extraordinary opportunity; an opportunity for a lot of people who really ought to know better to talk a whole load of rubbish; […]

Fowl Paradise

Sparkle loves a cuddle

Just over one month ago I was given three young chickens as a birthday present from my fiancée. I had often spoken of keeping chickens but had never actually owned any before. I was really surprised to say the least, but instantly fell in love with them. They were only seven weeks old at that […]